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From Smartphone Snaps to Works of Art

Developing a Web-Based, On-Demand Photo and Document Printing Platform for Wholesale & Warehouse Chains Worldwide
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Our client offers wholesale and warehouse chains software solutions that allow them to provide their customers the ability to create personalized photo gifts, prints, brochures, presentations, business cards, flyers, and more, whether on mobile, desktop, or in-store kiosk.

North America
Staff augmentation model consisting of frontend and backend developers and QAs
Over 24 months
Designed modular, component-based platform for easy customization
Increased platform efficiency to accommodate large number of customers


In today’s digital world, retail software solutions must be quick, easy to use, and effective. Customers have increasingly little patience for slowness or error, especially with online-only shopping options readily available. Brick-and-mortar retail stores have had to adapt with software solutions that make the shopping experience more convenient through automations, real-time insights into inventory across locations, and improved customer service.

With that in mind, the client needed a printing platform that could effectively handle the customer needs of some of the largest wholesale and membership warehouse chains in the world. With millions of customers worldwide, the platform needed to be user-friendly and able to accommodate potentially millions of printing requests at any given moment, without interruption.

Additionally, with the client located in North America and Intego Group’s software developers located in Eastern Europe, another main challenge was managing the time difference and coordinating an efficient and effective project schedule.

End-User Features:

  • Virtually “hang” photos with smartphone to see how they’ll look before printing
  • Design prints from scratch or upload own design
  • Print on a range of materials, from canvas and glass to paper and cardstock
  • Set pick up time and location


Incorporating a staff augmentation model, Intego Group created a precise structure of eight teams that worked directly with the client’s in-house software developers and subject matter experts. Using Agile methodologies, the teams were able to bridge the ten-hour time gap between countries and take advantage of an extended day.

After more than 12 months of working closely together, Intego Group delivered a modular, component-based photo printing platform on time and under budget. Directly following the official launch, engagement with the client was extended for the development of the platform’s next version while support and performance tuning continued simultaneously. Over more than six years, Intego Group worked with the client to develop a portfolio of products to support the photo printing platform.

The new platform allows end-users to customize their photo and document printing with options that include editing photos, applying special frames, printing on canvas and other materials, and printing in different shapes, sizes, and formats, all from the convenience of their smartphone, computer, or in-store kiosk.

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The customizable, on-demand printing platform allowed the client to fill a need for wholesale and warehouse chains worldwide. By creating a flexible, attractive, and user-friendly program with robust features, their members can now easily design anything from multi-panel canvas prints to presentations, letterheads, and reports, and easily pick them up at any one of the chains’ locations, oftentimes on the same day.

Platform Features:

  • Apply specific wholesale or warehouse chain branding
  • Set desired end-user features and customizations
  • Integrate with specific wholesale or warehouse chain data centers
  • Add or update defined pick up locations and times

Target End-Users:

  • Business owners and event planners
  • Students and teachers
  • Parents and families
  • Interior designer
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