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Media and Entertainment

Revolutionize how your content is created, distributed, and consumed
Intego Solutions partners with media and entertainment companies to drive immersive user experience that maximize profits and propel growth.
We specialize in content management, social media, AR/VR experience, web and mobile application development.

Since we’ve supported countless clients in the industry, we have the specialized knowledge and experience to pinpoint challenges and uncover the best solutions for media and entertainment. You can think of Intego Solutions as your trusted technology partner. A partner who will be there for you during the initial phase where we determine your needs all the way to implementation and maintenance.

The seasoned engineers at Intego Solutions are here to deliver the technology you need to become more agile and flexible so you can stay ahead of the competition and meet (or even exceed) your goals, no matter how far-fetched they may seem.

Full-service IT solutions for media and entertainment businesses

There is no limit for your imagination when it comes to media content. Our engineers can design a custom technology roadmap so you can increase productivity, improve operations, and reduce capital expenses. Our IT solutions are also ideal if you’d like to enhance your sales and marketing efforts and maximize profits.

Intego Solutions makes it easy for you to protect your valuable content, data, and sensitive information while delivering a seamless experience for your customers. In addition, our engineers can give you the flexibility to create compelling, personalized content that attracts and engages audiences and allows for flawless distribution.

If your goal is to build loyalty and diversify your revenue streams through smart advertising and ecommerce, we can help as well. Regardless of your unique objectives, our innovative IT solutions may be just what you need to overcome the barriers you need to achieve them.

Content production

Marketing and analytics

Social media

Mobile applications

Content distribution

Content monetization

Custom software

AR/VR experience


Technology solutions we develop

  • Immersive AR/VR experiences. Through our immersive AR/VR experiences, you can intrigue, inform and connect with your audience on an emotional level while making a lasting impression.
  • Content management and delivery. You can count on our team to keep your content organized and ensure it's shared with the right people at the right times.
  • Social media integration. We’ll integrate Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms into your digital assets to give your audience more ways to engage with you.
  • Content production. We can create compelling content that not only aligns with your brand but also sets you apart from your competition.
  • Web & Mobile App Development: With our modern, intuitive, and attractive websites and mobile applications, you can enhance your brand while instilling trust in your target audience.
  • Digital Asset Management: We design custom repositories to make storing, retrieving, and sharing assets like graphics, video and audio, presentations, and multimedia files a breeze.
  • Content protection and security. We’ll safeguard your valuable content from undesired access.
Case study

Increasing the Reach of a Global Technology and Media Company

The client originally hired Intego to turn their award-winning PC product into a multi-platform, global product. This in itself presented challenges as the product was comprised of over 3,800 media elements, including more than 500 full 360-degree panoramas, 7500 encyclopedia articles, 2400 photos, 700 pieces of artwork, and 3.5 hours of high definition video. All of this media needed to be integrated into a new platform that supported multi-device, cloud-based content synchronizations.

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