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VR/AR and 3D Modeling

Accelerate your growth with virtual and augmented reality
With our VR/AR and 3D modeling services, you can advance employee training, improve marketing, enhance customer engagement, increase product success, and more.
From the design and development to the testing and deployment, our seasoned engineers are equipped to handle every aspect of your unique application.
Our VR/AR and 3D modeling projects provide a highly realistic and dynamic representation of complex technical functions such, as assembly, maintenance, and operation.

VR/AR and 3D modeling can provide you with the powerful educational and marketing tools your business needs to succeed. At Intego Solutions, our seasoned engineers create VR/AR applications with 3D content for clients in various industries. You can trust us to design, develop, test, and deploy the unique, engaging VR and AR applications that lead to incredible innovation and growth.

Unlock the potential of immersive applications

When you leverage virtual and augmented reality, you’re bound to stand out from your competitors and thrive. Whether you’d like a marketing tool, a product demo, a training module, or an incredible application that’s unheard of in your industry, our engineers have you covered. We’ll use the latest technologies to create custom VR/AR solutions for your business.

Once we learn more about your vision, we’ll collaborate closely with your team to uncover the technologies, user experience, artistic direction, and talent necessary to bring it to life. No matter what your project entails, we pledge to provide best-in-class realism paired with exceptional image quality and performance.

Several of the many benefits of VR/AR and 3D modeling include:

  • Advanced employee training: With VR/AR, you can train your employees in certain processes and operations before they assume full responsibility for them. Employees will be able to hone in their expertise and make mistakes without consequences.
  • Improved marketing: VR/AR may be just what you need to convert shoppers into loyal customers. Our engineers can create personalized experiences tailored to your audience’s unique behaviors and preferences, improving buyer awareness and speeding up the purchasing process.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: VR/AR is essential if you’d like your customers to engage with your brand and enjoy memorable experiences. These experiences will help them choose you over your competitors time after time.
  • Increased product success: Before you officially launch a new product, you can test it out through VR/AR and uncover any issues or opportunities for improvement. VR/AR may save you time and money on ineffective products.

For over a decade our engineers have delivered state-of-the-art software solutions serving our top-notch clients from all around the globe. Our VR/AR and 3D modeling projects provide a highly realistic and dynamic representation of complex technical functions, such as assembly, maintenance, and operation, to improve user experience and understanding in much shorter periods of time.

We specialize in leveraging the latest technologies, physics engines, and other valuable tools, for developing real-time interactive VR/AR and 3D applications in various areas:

  • Training solutions for complex engineering platforms
  • Virtual and augmented reality solutions
  • Multi-media solutions
  • Multi-user training simulations with realistic physics
  • 3D CAD/GIS architectural visualizations
  • Land, air and sea simulations based on command/control scenarios
  • Virtual earth solutions
Case study

Development of Oil-Drilling Equipment Simulator for Training Centers of a Leading European Oil Service Company

This simulation tool gives our customer a unique opportunity to train its staff in the rig-specific and critical operations of their main oil drilling equipment. CAD models of engineering equipment are imported directly into the simulator, providing a high level of detail and system customization, which in turn connects the simulation experience with real engineering constructions and processes.

Oil rig

Our Process

  • The Discovery: We learn about your business model and what you hope to accomplish through VR/AR and 3D modeling.
  • The Design: Our skilled engineers design the types of applications that will help you meet your goals.
  • The Development: We turn our designs into realities, using the latest technologies and platforms.
  • The Testing: Your applications undergo a rigorous testing and quality assurance process to ensure they’re ready for launch.
  • The Deployment: We deploy your unique solutions so that they’re ready for employees, customers, and other intended users.
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