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Transportation & Logistics

Streamline operations and increase efficiency with world-class logistics IT solutions
Our expertise includes but is not limited to dispatching systems, freight management systems, route optimization solutions, documentation management systems, data-warehousing solutions, and custom applications.
We use our extensive knowledge and experience in transportation and logistics to develop technology that allows organizations to make smarter decisions, improve productivity, enhance security, and streamline operations.

There has never been a greater need for quick, efficient, and accurate deliveries to both consumers and businesses. While this is great opportunities for transportation and logistics companies, it also poses several significant challenges. These include increased costs, driver shortages, stringent regulations, and rising customer expectations. If you’re in the transportation and logistics industry, innovative IT solutions can set your organization up for unmatched success. You can use sophisticated technology to gain visibility, optimize your resources, improve customer satisfaction, and grow.

Enhance your transportation or logistics business with a seasoned IT partner

At Intego Solutions, we have the specialized expertise necessary to design and implement robust IT solutions that meet the unique needs of your transportation or logistics organization. We’re well-versed in various workflows, processes, systems related to your industry and use this knowledge to help you cater to the ever-evolving demands of your customers.

No matter what your specific challenges may be, we can use technology to help you solve them and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By trusting us as your long-term IT partner, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Smarter Decisions: You can count on us to provide you with the data and insights you need to make strategic, tactical decisions quickly and identify potential issues long before they arise.
  • Improved Productivity: Through our robust IT solutions, you’re sure to increase productivity while reducing errors and costs.
  • Enhance Security: We make it easy to minimize the risk of common cyber attacks and threats so you can keep your systems and operations secure.
  • Streamline Operations: Our custom IT services will help you operate in a more streamlined and efficient manner, reducing the risk of delays and increasing customer satisfaction.
Case study

Implementation of a Complex IT Management Platform for a Leading Industrial Railway Consortium

Our customer is a unique entity serving high-profile industrial companies. The management team was focusing on the challenge of restructuring a number of independent transportation and logistics companies into one large, country-wide consortium. In order to manage this restructuring process effectively and integrate operations management into one complex and balanced framework, there was a high demand for the implementation of a number of IT solutions which can help centralized operations, enhance monitoring and optimize business process workflows.

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Technology solutions we develop

We specialize in a wide variety of IT solutions for transportation and logistics companies including:

  • Dispatching Systems: Our software engineers design custom dispatch systems that automate routing and scheduling processes to reduce time-consuming manual labor and costly errors.
  • Freight Management Systems: Streamline supply chain operations, simplify the shipping process, and increase efficiency with a robust freight management system from us.
  • Route Optimization Solutions: With our route optimizations solutions, you can easily determine the most cost-effective routes and maximize them in the shortest amount of time.
  • Simulation and Training Solutions: Through our simulation and training solutions, your staff can become experts in various systems and platforms before utilizing them in real life situations.
  • Documentation Management Systems: Store, track, and manage information across all departments with a documentation management system tailored to your unique needs.
  • Data-Warehousing Solutions and Business Intelligence: Make the most out of your meaningful data with our data-warehousing solutions and business intelligence.
  • Custom Applications and Web System Development: We can design and develop virtually any custom application or web system to support your organization and customers.
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