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Oil & Gas

Forward-thinking IT solutions to reduce costs and support core operational processes
For over a decade, our engineers have delivered state-of-the-art software solutions for leading oil and gas clients from around the globe.
While 3D simulation and visualization is one of our most popular offerings, we are also experts in web development, cloud computing, and more.

Oil and gas is an extremely challenging industry that comes with considerable risk. If you’re in it, you must continuously improve core operational processes, such as production and exploration, engineering and construction, oil field development, drilling, and operations maintenance. A strong IT infrastructure to not only meet your current needs but propel you into the future is essential.

Our team of highly professional software engineers offer extensive operational experience in the oil and gas industry. Through our custom, innovative IT solutions, you can streamline your processes and gain a competitive edge.

Reinvent the way you do business with our tailored IT services

In order to meet rising global demand and address environmental concerns, oil and gas companies depend on safe operations, accessible solutions, and reliable technologies. A new industry horizon requires a new technology horizon – one which can turn them into integrated, agile, and innovative enterprises of the future.

If you partner with us, our seasoned engineers will support your business with technologies that improve performance as well as safety compliance. You’ll find it easier to enhance your productivity, minimize downtime, and drive new revenue streams in this challenging industry.

Whether your oil and gas business is upstream, midstream, or downstream, we’re here to steer you toward unparalleled success. Our software developers have implemented a variety of sophisticated and complex solutions in a number of areas, including:

  • Geology, Geophysics & Petrophysics Simulation
  • Production Software Solutions
  • Drilling Software 3D Simulation
  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Documentation Management Systems
  • Data-warehousing Solutions and Business Intelligence
  • Custom Applications and Web System Development

Time after time, we partner with global leaders in the oil and gas industry to maximize the outcome of their technology solutions. With strong technical expertise and deep industry knowledge, we are committed to developing long-term partnerships that allow for new business transformations and accelerate operational efficiency.

Our Expertise in 3D Simulation and Visualization

For over a decade, our engineers have delivered state-of-the-art software solutions for top-notch clients from around the globe. Our simulation projects provide highly realistic and dynamic representations of complex technical functions, such as assembly, maintenance, and operation. They may be just what your organization needs to improve user experience and understanding in a much shorter period of time.

We’ve used 3D visualization to implement numerous projects and simulate traditional hands-on training processes while simultaneously reducing the need for extensive physical implementation and optimizing the cost of travel and other operational activities. Our customer portfolio includes leading engineering service providers, large manufacturers and computer-based training providers. In many cases, our customers are in need of more than technology – they need solutions.

Through the use of our intelligent and interactive simulations, we deliver innovative solutions that meet the training needs of businesses in industries such as engineering and manufacturing, oil and gas, education and training, and many others:

  • Training solutions for complex engineering platforms
  • Virtual reality solutions
  • Multi-user training simulations with realistic physics
  • 3D CAD/GIS architectural visualizations
  • Land, air and sea simulations based on command/control scenarios
  • Virtual Earth solutions

When you incorporate 3D simulation and visualization into your oil and gas operations, you can truly take it to new heights. You’ll be able to analyze your everyday operations and explore “what-if scenarios” that allow you to make smart decisions.

Case study

Protecting the Environment from Another Deadly Oil Spill

Intego Solutions was tasked with recreating the real-life scenario of installing new equipment on existing offshore oil rigs. To design exact virtual copies of these rigs, the software engineers had to develop a special algorithm to import CAD models of real parts of the rig, as well as consider other parameters and environmental factors.The goal was to employ these specifications in a 3D model to find the best possible combination for training the team before real-life installation took place.

Oil rig
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