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Travel & Hospitality

Innovative technology solutions to take your guest experience to the next level
Our seasoned engineers strive to increase operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience for hotels, resorts, and tourism organizations with a wide range of IT solutions.
We developed a plethora of solutions including but not limited to e-commerce web portals, booking and reservations agents, social media integrations, and mobile-based apps.

To succeed in today’s competitive landscape, hotels, resorts, and tourism organizations must use technology to solve complex problems and take advantage of new and exciting opportunities faster than their competitors. That’s where Intego Solutions comes in.

At Intego, we helped our clients develop a variety of technology solutions for all types of digital experiences in the travel and hospitality niche. Our highly experienced engineers are well-versed in the industry and know what it takes to help you improve efficiency, stay ahead of the competition, and enhance the guest experience.

Exceed guest expectations with our tailored IT servicess

When it comes to travel and hospitality, guests have high demands and more options today than ever before. By taking advantage of the power of technology, you can impress these guests and ensure they do business with you, not your competition.

For years, Intego Solutions has implemented robust, reliable, and secure technology solutions for travel and hospitality organizations from small boutique hotel chains to Fortune 500 clients. Whether you have one local location or thousands across the globe, you can trust us to deliver the type of innovative technology you need to thrive.

Allow us to handle your IT needs so you can focus on what you’re good at: pleasing customers with five star service day in and day out. Not only do we design and implement technology solutions, we provide ongoing support to keep everything running smoothly for both your guests and employees.

We make it easy for you to boost profit while treating each and every guest that steps through your doors with an exceptional, personalized experience. Once we incorporate our leading solutions into your organization, your customers will be delighted when treated that special.

Delivering tailored guest experience

Membership management

Finance management

Social computing

Property management

Cloud-based solutions

Digital analytics

Mobile user experience

Location-based applications

Web and E-commerce

Software solutions we develop

  • E-commerce Solutions: Our engineers will create attractive, responsive e-commerce web portals that makes engagements easier for your current and prospective guests.
  • Booking and Reservations Engines: We make it a breeze to book a table, room, or excursion with innovative booking and reservations platforms.
  • Rich Media Solutions: Through our rich media solutions, you can encourage guests to interact and engage with your brand.
  • Content Management Systems and Portals: With our implementation of content management systems, you’ll be able to quickly add new content for your guests experience.
  • Social Media Integrations: Our social media integrations experience allows you to increase your following and promote your offerings on popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.
  • Mobile-based Applications: You can trust our engineers to develop custom mobile-based applications that support the unique needs of your guests.
  • Location-based Solutions: Your guests can “check in”, “check out” and do many more without the hassle, thanks to location-based solutions developed by our engineers.
  • Business Solutions Integration: We’ll integrate our solutions to your existing infrastructure, seamlessly.
Case study

Transforming a Legacy System to an Automated Hospitality Management Platform

Our client is a membership-based resort chain with over 370 locations in 35 countries. Members pay an annual fee to have access to any of their timeshare suites, amenities, events, and excursions across the globe. The client hired Intego for basic staff augmentation and IT outsourcing needs. They required extra engineers to help their IT team update their internal reservations and reporting system. By trusting Intego’s expertise, the client received a completely updated reservations and reporting system instead of an outdated system with only some updated components
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