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Increasing the Reach of a Global Media Company

From Vendor to Full-Time Research and Development Team
Computer Software Company


Our client is a technology and media company founded in 2008 whose vision is to create immersive experiences that are relevant and engaging to the digital age.

North America, Germany, Netherlands
Frontend and backend developers, QA engineers, Animators, R&D
11 years
Design AR, VR, and 3D experiences
Research and implement new technologies and frameworks


The client originally hired Intego to turn their award-winning PC product into a multi-platform, global product. This in itself presented challenges as the product was comprised of over 3,800 media elements, including more than 500 full 360-degree panoramas, 7500 encyclopedia articles, 2400 photos, 700 pieces of artwork, and 3.5 hours of high definition video. All of this media needed to be integrated into a new platform that supported multi-device, cloud-based content synchronizations.

After successfully transferring the concept of the PC version of their media platform to macOS and iOS, Intego’s engagement with the client expanded into other applications, including a mobile 3D app and an augmented reality app. There are currently no standard technologies for 3D or AR, so Intego’s biggest challenge was finding the most efficient and effective tech for the job. The same challenge continues to hold true for our upcoming projects with the client that are in the R&D stage, including a virtual reality application.

macOSMac OS
Virtual reality logoVR
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Since our first engagement with the client over a decade ago, we’ve evolved from being a vendor to a full research and development arm of the company. This allows us to research new tools, languages, and frameworks and test them in-house to see if they’re fast and efficient enough to become a part of the client’s product offerings. In doing so, we’ve created multiple applications for everything from group learning settings to personal use.

Some features of these applications include:

  • Allowing users to interact with various animated characters
  • Creating designated space for note-taking and personal reflection
  • Encouraging conversation with social interaction features
  • Recreating realistic happenings for the user to experience
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Because of Intego’s expertise and willingness to research new technologies, we’ve expanded the client’s initial product offering from one PC product to several multi-platform applications. As an integral part of their team and their success, we will continue to research and test new tools, technologies, and frameworks that can add value to their suite of in-depth, immersive, and engaging products.

The award-winning product has been featured in

Fast companyVentureBeatThe GuardianUSA TodayTechCrunchCNET
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